Our Vision

We are initially launching Playmaker focused on players of Official Fantasy Premier League, providing a dedicated place to discuss FPL and enabling you to own your identity and grow a following as an FPL Manager.

We want to make it possible for managers to earn money by playing fantasy sports. Whether it's by monetising your following or by competing for prize pools (coming in the 2020/21 season), with Playmaker you will get paid to play fantasy sports. In the not so distant future, we want managers to earn enough money that playing fantasy sports full-time is possible, much in the same way that eSports made it possible for gamers to make a living.

While we are initially starting with FPL, we will replicate this format across all of the major fantasy games, making it possible for any fantasy manager, no matter the game, to build a following and earn a living from playing fantasy sports.

Our longer term vision is for fantasy sports to replace sports betting as the primary way to increase enjoyment of live sports.

Our Values
Build with the community

We will be actively working with users to shape the product that you want to use.

An alternative to betting

We are not an extension of gambling, we will not integrate or partner with sports betting.

Full-time Fantasy Managers

We will strive towards making being a full-time fantasy manager as easy as possible.

Who We Are

We're a small tech startup based in Copenhagen with a passion for taking fantasy sports to the next level.

You can read more about the origins of the company here

Our Investors

We're lucky to be supported by a group of people that share our vision of providing fantasy sports managers the community platform and opportunities they deserve.

Our investors are a mixture of fantasy sports enthusiasts, individuals who were instrumental in the rise of eSports into the mainstream and experienced consumer tech focused private investors.

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